About the Consumers Rights League

The Consumers Rights League is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization dedicated to preserving consumer choice in the marketplace. Our members share a commitment to protecting the benefits we receive from competition and innovation. Our organization was formed because many of the options we rely on are presently under threat. Numerous, self-appointed “consumer advocacy” groups are aggressively lobbying to restrict the choices we have. These groups often believe that we (consumers) are unable to make informed, responsible choices for ourselves.

• We will document the benefits consumers receive from the democratization of credit through research and analysis.
• We will quantify the costs consumers will bear if these options are restricted.
• We will leverage the interests of millions of consumers to preserve their rights and expose the self-dealing of many within the “consumer activist” community through public education.
• We will protect consumers’ right to choose given the benefits consumers enjoy through a wide range of options.

Our Mission:

• Work with consumers, present facts and produce quality research that thoroughly documents the real-world choices and challenges consumers face.
• Report the benefits enjoyed by an overwhelming majority of consumers.
• “Pull back the curtain” to reveal the agenda driven research distributed by many of these self-described consumer advocacy groups.

To further their agenda, many ‘consumer advocacy’ or ‘consumer education’ groups willfully massage their data, create misleading statistics and publish outright fraudulent research. In addition, several of these groups manipulate the press in an effort to build emotional support for their positions. They often claim to be effective consumer advocates and tout their lobbying successes with press releases—but until now—no one has stepped forward to challenge their claims, their shoddy research, or chronicled the very real harm consumers have suffered from their efforts.

Through groundbreaking research and analysis, the Consumers Rights League will document the benefits consumers have received from the democratization of credit. We will also quantify the costs consumers will bear if these options are restricted. Through robust public education, we will leverage the interests of millions of consumers to preserve the rights they have and expose the self-dealing of many within the consumer activist community.

Why Consumer Rights League?

For years, self-appointed consumer advocates have claimed to speak for us. They have promoted policies that would restrict our choices and cost us billions of dollars in economic benefits. They have also treated us like children, assuming we can’t make responsible choices without the heavy hand of government.

It is time for us to speak for ourselves. The Consumers Rights League is dedicated to protecting the many choices we enjoy in today’s marketplace. We believe consumers are adults who can make responsible decisions. We also believe that products and services are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ models. Our individual priorities differ not only from each others, but even change during our own lives. We benefit from having the widest range of choices.

For too long, no one has spoken for the millions of consumers who successfully and responsibly make decisions that benefit their lives. The Consumers Rights League will be their voice.